Our biggest tip to planning a wedding is to hire someone that will keep your event fun and exciting! Our company has been in business for 31 years and we love helping and working with our bride and grooms. One of the biggest things that guests will remember is the DJ from your wedding!

Our DJs are trained in every genre from 60’s to 2000’s, Motown to Country, Jazz to Hip-Hop and more. We have also worked with a wide variety of cultures including Italian, Spanish and Arabic.
Not your typical “Push Play” wedding DJ. Our staff is highly trained in the industry’s Pro DJ Programs. Keep your guests on the dance floor with a DJ who keeps the flow going the whole night by mixing any type of genre or requests together.
If you request it, we will play it! Your special day is about you, not us.
Professional, wedding attire. You will never see us DJing in shorts… Unless we are in Florida!
We will give the bride and grooms planning sheets for their event and they are able to give us the playlist before hand so we can download whatever is needed for the event. Normally, banquet halls will also have Wi-Fi to be able to access our Internet library to download anything extra.
Our company has over 10 DJ’s who are full of fun and excitement! Our motto… Boring DJ, boring wedding!
A typical wedding reception or private event is 4 to 6 hours. School dances are normally 1.5 to 4 hours. If you ever want to purchase extra time, we can accommodate your needs to continue the party!
Of course! Your event is about YOU!
Our DJ’s do provide their equipment for your event… Even Dance Floor Lighting! Our staff uses top of the line equipment from brand names such as JBL and Pioneer.
Our staff will typically be at your event an hour to two hours beforehand depending on the set up and normally, your hall will provide the DJ an 8-foot table for equipment.
Floor plans will be discussed before the event, especially if you are booking one of our larger wedding packages.
We do not use banners or signs at our wedding events unless they are on our laptop cases. Banners and business signs are used for our promotional and public events. Business cards are the only things displayed during our private events.
Your DJ will be emceeing all of your special events such as Bridal Party Introductions, Cake Cutting and your First Dance. We also make sure any extra announcements are taken care of and that we are are open to guests requests.
The best way for a bride and groom to have a packed dance floor is to be on the dance floor yourself. Guests want to enjoy the night with you!
Our staff will keep the music going throughout the entire night… Non stop! You are not required to provide our meal. Most banquet centers will take care of us. If you are booking a Photographer or Videographer, then they will require to be sat at a table since they will be with you for the duration of the day.
Last minute changes do not happen too often but if an emergency arises, another DJ will be scheduled for your event. With over ten DJ’s, there is always someone available for you.
If a DJ is scheduled for your special event, that will be their only event for the day. You would never have to worry about us showing up late or having to leave early!
Our overtime charges will depend on how long you will be wanting us to stay extra for your event.
If it is required for us to travel more than1.5 hours, we do prefer to have a hotel provided.
Deposits will depend on what services you plan on booking. You can contact our office at info@tjmonte.com with your inquiries and further questions.