When your guests enter the event, our packages can add an elegant feel or let them know it’s time to party!

Our starter Full Room Lighting package includes LED controlled lights placed accordingly throughout your room. You can select from the colors of Red, Green, Lime Green, Blue, Teal, White and Magenta.

Upgrade your lighting package to our Full Room Coded Lighting package! The color options are endless. Choose Mint Green, Tiffany Blue, Blush, Petal or Hot Pink, Purple, Amber, Yellow, Orange… There are over 1,000 options! Our technician will code each individual light to match your wedding theme or wanted color.

Take your lighting package to the highest level with our Full Room DMX Lighting package. This package lets us select your room color by controlling the lights through our color board. You can choose one color, put them on a rotation of colors or have them move with the music! It only takes a touch of a button!

Add a Custom Design Monogram for a personal touch to your event. The Monogram is displayed up on your venue wall with your date, names, logo or a design to match your theme. They can also be designed in color or with motion!

Booking a DJ with us? You receive half off our Lighting packages when DJ services are reserved. Contact our office anytime at (734) 671 – DJAY or info@tjmonte.com for more information!