Music is a key ingredient in making your reception come together. The songs that you choose for your special dances and throughout the night are the songs that you will remember forever. What song stands out to you and your fiance? What artist makes you want to dance like no one is watching? These questions are what you need to ask yourselves when planning your music choices.

Picking your first dance can be a tough one. There are many options when it comes down to the slow song that a couple will dance to for their bridal dance. Don’t just settle for your first pick. Do some research or ask your DJ to give you suggestions. Are you a country lover or do you like more of the Motown groove? “Die a Happy Man” by Thomas Rhett is a popular choice OR would the classic, “Can’t Help Falling In Love” by Elvis may be more of your style?

Whether you like old school or the newer artists, you have plenty of options to select from for your first dance. Take a road trip with your fiance and listen to the variety of songs you can select for that first dance as husband and wife, husband and husband or wife and wife.

Your DJ is going to love any song you decide on and your friends and family will certainly be Awwww-ing the whole time.

Our favorites at TJ Monte Productions:

  1. “Can’t Help Falling In Love” by Elvis
  2. “Here And Now” by Luther Vandross
  3. “Heaven” by Bryan Adams
  4. “From The Ground Up” by Dan + Shay
  5.  All Of Me” by John Legend
  6. “I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing” by Aerosmith
  7. “Die A Happy Man” by Thomas Rhett
  8. “Thinking Out Loud” by Ed Sheeran
  9. “From This Moment on” by Shania Twain
  10. “I Don’t Dance” by Lee Brice