The holiday season is that time of the year where Facebook posts are popping up, non stop, with engagement announcements. Of course it is!! The holidays are filled with joy, family and love. This is the best time of the year.

Other than Black Friday shopping and numerous sales at the mall, you may sense that your special someone is going to pop the question. You’re starting to notice that your parents are hiding something and your loved one seems like something is up. DO NOT GO SNOOPING. I repeat, stay away from their drawers and jacket pockets. Let that special moment happen when it is going to happen. The proposal could be on Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s Eve… Who knows?! Don’t ruin the surprise of a lifetime. Your special someone could be waiting until all the holiday madness is over. We will never know what they’re thinking.

We know you can’t stop thinking about it and you may have already called several venues but just wait for that moment. After the tears of happiness, hugging and jumping up and down stops… All the fun and planning will start right after. Don’t forget to include them in the details!

TJ Monte Productions hopes you have a wonderful, holiday season and we can’t wait to hear the news!